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Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see

Children's are source of satisfaction, source of happiness for a family. In every family picture's posted on facebook or some other social websites, childrens will be the centre of everything they do. Every couple admires each and everything whatever their son/daughter does.There will be pictures of their child making some face expressions, doing some silly things and for parents there is uniqueness in every picture. At this stage of my life, when i have a daughter , these are the same things that i experience and they are the most satisfying moments of  life. When i come back from office, the glow in her eyes and smile on her face gives you the same energy when you started the day. For one smile on her face, i try to give my full attention to her, i try to get the every moment of whatever she does innocently and with curiosity. The small small things that she do makes me laugh and she laughs at it too. Children's match your energy and this is what makes me play with her
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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! i have to be at the scool at sharp 7:00 AM in the morning. Today is independence day, and our school is prepared with speeches from teachers and some of the talented students who can deliver a good speech on independence. There is a flag up there, tied with a knot with a string that comes down along the pole.And there is so much labour involved to set that flag, you need to get the knot properly so that it opens when our principal tries to open.You have to get the flag at the top, and there you need a talented student who can climb the pole to set it there. There is the best part after the independence day celebrations. The sweets that we get in school. There are many more memories that are still alive inside me on independence day. There was enthusiasm at the time for the day.Even i could feel how our martyrs gave us this day.Their sacrifice is more than we can think of and can realize. I cannot even visualize how they stood in front to get a bullet on the
GHAR ghar ki kahani.... w e are friends living in an apartment in govindpuri. It is a long time since we all are together like the same college days.And when you see our house you will get all the feel and essence of a hostel room,although the valuables in the room have changed ( we all are now a salaried person ). If i will describe our house in words,u will definitely feel that we are living in miserable conditions with the invasion of cockroaches in our home everywhere. we are living in a condition where we have to fight for everything ,including basic needs.There is always a water shortage ,especially in our house bcoz somehow our water pump or our tank gets us into some problem. But every problem teaches you something. ( Tough times never last ,but tough people do ) we survived for one week without water ,doing all our daily activities ,somehow with jugaad,U will not see any sweeper in our house or any cook.We have tried to be sustainable with all our resources. And when we are
INDEPENDENCE DAY alias KITE FLYING DAY 15 august is India independence day. Come to Delhi ( Capital of India ) and you will see kites in the sky like birds all over.This was the first time that i saw a kite flying event at such an enthusiastic and large scale. I can compare it with any other big festivals ( Holi, Deepawali ). On 15th August i was at my relative's house ,my mausi's house where i usually visit to get a feel of home environment where I am away from all the worries.Mausi has 4 children's and they are my source of inspiration for getting there on a holiday or weekends. On 15th august there was the same enthusiasm in the childrens that they will wake upat 5:30 in the morning to fly the kites.I laughed at the thought that these small childrens will wake up with sun.But they proved it wrong when i woke up in the morning ,they were already on the terraces making there kites ready for the battle.On every terrace you could see a bunch of people,the whole family, p
Hoooooo Haaaaaa India !!!!!! We all are feeling bad about the india's loss in world cup cricket but there are some people who have won because india couldn't make it to the super eight. I don't know what makes them so happy...whether its about the cricketers who are getting the fame at its best or about the TV channels that they are not able to watch during these days. There is always a misconception about that the people who are watching cricket are losing there valuable time and if your team loses than its nothing more than a time waste. This may be a time waste for them but for a cricket lover every ball makes his heart beat fast. Although india team loses our spirits have not been broken down.With same enthusiaam, my friends n me play cricket every morning. This practice makes us so fresh for the whole day that we love to continue. In morning when small childrens are waiting for their school buses we go away waving our bats and stumps in front of them and i feel that